Organized by Asher Russell

Who Attends

Meet leaders, peers and contemporaries at this conference. To get ahead, learn from the best.

Video ad views grew rapidly and topped over 35 billion views in the past year. This year and beyond, this rising digital medium allows advertising agencies to drive creativity beyond what TV can offer. As successful videos ads watched repeatedly and shared with friends, these successful online video campaigns drive up sales as these videos go viral, giving audience what they want to view and content they are happy to share with others.
Catch the exciting vision at this conference. Meet and network with those who love working on online videos and who are driving this evolving and disruptive medium to greater success. Keep abreast and learn from the best in industry. Exchange notes and fruitful discussions with peers in the value chain to re-shape this promising digital format.
Don’t miss out on the opportunity to establish the right connections with significant others today and make new inroads for your successful future in online video advertising.


  • Publishers, digital news media professionals
  • Content producers and online video content creators
  • Online and mobile marketers and advertisers, brands
  • Web marketing agencies, digital & advertising agencies
  • Broadcasters, Telcos and MSOs (multi-system operators)
  • Streaming media (strategy and technology) professionals
  • Industry analysts and video technology innovators
  • Entertainment content providers & creators
  • Sports and media professionals using video as a medium for publicity / advertising
  • Professionals working in digital media medium / formats (from content creation to video execution)
  • Technology / platform providers (to monetize online video advertising)
  • Ad Network players