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Join this exciting summit and get the latest tools, technologies, strategies and winning business models


Online video advertising has become the fastest growing advertising format and digital medium and is poised to grow further into 2016 and beyond.

This exciting conference will expound on the latest trends and developments in online video ads, strategies to generate new revenue and address key issues such as interactivity and targeting on premium spaces. Also, our expert speakers will present the latest insights on online video ad business models and innovative technologies to monetize video content and how to tap into this highly valuable and dynamic space.


The rapid growth of online video advertising is due to its CPM pricing which are typically 5 times higher than display ads. Major internet companies have aggressively purchased video advertising companies. Also, against the backdrop of a rapidly growing mobile and online audience globally, programmatic advertising is getting the utmost attention as it provides media buyers the opportunity to better target demographics and audiences, and therefore this is re-engineering the entire digital ad markets and driving up the value and importance of online video ads.

Leverage on new tools and technology. Maximize opportunities for success.

Online video advertising is a promising format as more and more life sports and music events offer lots of premium placements. World Cup events also fuel this advertising bonanza as branded videos and content are inserted into the live streaming of these games. The stage is now set for this advertising format to soar.
Join the best minds and voices in industry to further re-shape and expand the industry opportunities as they deliberate on the hottest topics and strategic directions for all who have a vested stake in the pie.

Why attend Online Video Advertising Strategies 2016?

Industry focused, quality content program

This conference will keep you abreast on the latest opportunities in online video advertising strategies with keynote presentations, industry panels, taking points, fireside chats and case study sessions. Catch the inspiration, get the tools and knowledge to increase your revenue and maximize your market impact.

Business and technology sessions

Explore trends and innovations from business and technology discussions.

Top notch global speakers, engage the best minds

Hear from the industry’s leading video innovators and strategists. Get the real stuff from real life case studies presented and learn from their successful market achievements.

Get real solutions for your video ad monetizing issues

Overcome common challenges and compare notes with leading players. Receive specific practical roadmaps, best practices and tactical approaches that you can implement into your work and drive up your opportunities in this lucrative market.

Network with high achievers, leading publishers, advertisers, online video solution providers and content providers

Meet the who’s who. Get up close and personal with the people who can make a difference for your video content and advertising business. Spend quality time at the networking sessions and Q&A engagement times.

Keep abreast and build your marketing leadership

As you invest your time learning from the best minds, come away better equipped and position yourself well ahead of players in your market domain.

Networking and drinks

Unwind with friends in industry while fostering keener conversations and connections. Get some fun and relaxation

Join this conference and benefit from a valuable experience

vidas logo b&wLoved all the insights of the experts – from openness to change, to surrounding yourself with smart people whose experiences you can learn from!

-Summit Publishing Company Inc.

vidas logo b&wGood Inspiration

– PT. Alpha Merah Kreasi

vidas logo b&wIt is really exciting to be here and very useful to our organization to developing strategy and our content.

– PT Agranet Multicitra Siberkom

vidas logo b&wI really benefited from new insights from all speakers

– The China Press Berhad

vidas logo b&wYou should be proud of what you and Asher Russell team achieved. It was a stellar line-up of speakers and the delegates were equally impressive and seemed to really love the content.

– Storyful

vidas logo b&wInteresting case studies, great insights into the business operations!

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